Last Sunday I wrote a diary challenging the actions of the great and mighty Kos. I called for a boycott of your site for one week. Many people voiced solidarity. Your voice was silent. Until Friday.And you yelled…uncle. I challenged you and your decisions. I looked you right in the eye and did so. A … Continue reading

Short and Not Sweet… REALLY, HEIDI JONES?

In a truly unacceptable shedding of light, former WABC New York meteorologist Heidi Jones has joined the ranks of Susan Smith, Bonnie Sweeten, Charles Stuart and centuries of homicidally racist false accusers.  In order, according to Jones, to get “attention,” she falsely concocted a tale of an attempted rape by a man of color. Twice. … Continue reading

Why react to a proposed Pres. Obama primary when we can simply make the proposers…secondary?

The sturm and the drang are truly at a new level now.  Even inside the progressive community, all pretense of discussing policy has been lost in the rush to emasculate President Barack Obama.  From references to his “balls” to his “manhood” to his “caving” and more, a veritable D. W. Griffith version of his presidency … Continue reading