How To

Join this site…

First, register for a free WordPress account if you do not already have one.  On the right sidebar, under “Members,” choose Register.  You can skip creating a blog and just create an account if you’d like.

Log in to this site…

On future visits, under “Members,” choose to Log In.

Add an image (gravatar) to your profile…

Once you are logged into WordPress, click on “Me” on the top left to access “My Profile.”  Click the “Gravatar” icon on the right to create a gravatar for your email.  It takes a moment to update on the site!

Post a POV (diary/post)…

If you received an invitation, once you have joined the site, you will be made an author and can post on your schedule.  Otherwise, you will be a contributor, and POVs will be approved before they are published.  Thanks for your patience.

Add a headline image to your POV (diary/post)…

To add a headline picture that also appears on the home page, in the Edit Post section, on the right, click the category “Headline.” Then, on the lower right, click “Set Featured Image.” Please upload a medium-sized photo that is public domain (using images from “” is great). (When possible, download the image you find then upload it to the site rather than link to the url, as a courtesy to those who host the original photo.) After uploading, click “Set as Featured Image” in the upload screen, then save. As of October 19, featured images must be 640×392 pixels or larger; if you choose Google Images’ “advanced search,” you can specify larger image sizes.


**To insert an image into a POV, in the Edit Post section, click the “Add an Image” icon next to “Upload/Insert” below your POV title.

Rate a comment…

Please select 2 or more stars for a comment you support.

Disapprove of a comment…

Please give negative comments 1 star.  “Send ’em straight to Texas”!


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