This blog is dedicated to exploring and expounding on progressive politics with the pov of poc: the point-of-view of people of color.

This site is a seven-day work-in-progress.

It is dedicated to open, honest and constructive dialogue about race, race relations and how those realities intersect with politics and life.

The core beliefs here are that:

  • Racism is real.
  • Privilege is real.
  • Racism matters as a central issue in our nation.
  • Awareness of privilege is critical to forward motion and dialogue.
  • Election of a Democratic president is critical to racial progress in our country.
  • President Barack Obama has worked ethically, diligently and effectively to promote a progressive agenda.
  • Active prom0tion of the re-election of President Barack Obama is a proud undertaking we support.

We welcome people of all races who are interested in,  passionate about or terrified of racial dialogue.

We do not welcome epithets/slurs; denial of racism/sexism/homophobia/classism/privilege as real and/or material issues; destructive dialogue or baiting; or insults to the personhood of President Barack Obama.

We request that the President be referred to on this site as “President Obama,” PBO, the President, or in other manners respectful of his title and office.

Posts, diaries, etc. are called “POVs” here – we invite you to register and share your POV today.


Join the dialogue!

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