SistahSpeak…Send in The Clowns

sistahspeak I’ve trying to figure out why Herman Cain is the flavor of the month in the Republicant who we going to find to beat Obama Sweepstakes. Every other week or so,another name is floated. A rather lean biography with an attempt to hide their real often embarrassing past,and lots and lots of polling goin’ on.. I generally make two assumptions about polls.. The first being that most people even if they are not,can act and say things predictably stupid. The second is stupid can be predictably and easily confused. Repuglicants are predictable as hell. From where I’m standing this means we ought to be able to whip their asses with relative ease.

They are masters at becoming the underdog. Americans are fond of rooting for the underdog.

Republicants say vile and vicious things all the time.They lie without remorse. When caught or called on their own vicious behavior they become hurt, pitiful creatures being picked on by evil doers. Or simply silent.

People who have more money than can be spent in generations are being punished for being successful. This is what the circus owners tell us.They are not greedy.It’s the rumpled masses and their jealousy creating the problem. If they were smarter or richer everything would be just fine.

You gotta give them serious props for pulling off the oppression of rich white folk Olympics. Lord help us, America has become a circus.

We don’t actually get to see the circus owners. They pay for the acts. They hire the ringmasters. Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity are out there hawking the show. They are masters of distraction and have the magicians talent for misdirecting. They are fully aware of the public’s thirty-second attention span. This explains why they beat a theme to death. When you tell the same lie over and over,the thirty-second folk allow themselves to believe it.

Folk looking at what is real as opposed to what do we want you to accept as real tend to lose this battle.

We keep jumping around trying to keep up with the lie or outrage. They come in such great numbers we are all over the place. Where we are least effective.

Whilst we count sin,they are counting on it. It is a sin to be stupid. You can read this in the Bible. If it’s not there it ought to be. At least nine of the Ten Commandments deal various areas of stupidity. Not lying,stealing,cheating on your spouse.Stupid shit. Don’t kill. Written for people too stupid to realize certain behaviors have no place with decent folk. It’s just stupid.

The word ignorant, an admittedly kinder way of giving the same idea form and structure, fails us. We need clarity not nuance. There are a lot of stupid folk out there. We outnumber them by far. We only lose because we are fascinated by the sleight of hand. The circus owners feed the stupidity with fear. Stupid,fearful people are capable of unimaginable destructiveness. We see it all around us.

The main reason Barack Hussein Obama is The President of the United States of America is he figured this out a long time ago. This is one of many reasons I love this man.

He keeps telling Americans they are better than previous choices. He does not allow himself to be distracted. One of his gifts is his ability to make a certain kind of mindset explode. Has anyone ever forced the Opposition to say out loud “We are not interested in governing,our only goal is to make things bad enough so that we can get rid of him”? The patience exhibited by our President as he sticks to one message. “We have been dealing with stupid people.”

While the others on our side of the equations play at looking hither tither and yon for something dreadful,our President is making it clear to the American people that putting stupid folk in charge is not the recipe of success. Success has as it’s main ingredient persistence. One step at a time.

My oldest son is a two time All American Champion. I mention this in part because i learned so much watching at tract meets. When you sprint you do so with your body low to the ground. I could always see the moment when the others decided they could not beat him. Their bodies straightened up almost as if they were braking. Which is exactly what they were doing. President Obama runs like a sprinter when necessary. He keeps a marathon runners focus. All the time.

His timing is nothing short of brilliant. No matter what, so far everything that can go right for him, does. This may be one of the most difficult of the obstacles the circus owners face. This is not the right time for them to remind poor people that having money can buy you a politician.

Normally stupid folks recognize inequities called class and are waking up to the idea this might be a stupid thing to continue supporting. Nobody wants to be stupid. Obama keeps it simple. It is just simple math. If you have more why should you pay less? Republicants tried at first to be silent, thinking it would fade from peoples minds the way it has always done in the past. Then they came up with ‘class war” expecting their minions to let it pass as code for white people. This one is a hard sell. Obama framed it first. Tax loopholes for people and their private jets? Something even stupid people get. Warren Buffet one of the richest men in the world pays less of his income than his secretary? Circus owners seemed to forget there are a lot of secretaries out there. Many of them do the actual work their bosses get a paid a crap-load of money to do. If I were going to call for a boycott, I’d call for all secretaries to take a day off. America would effectively come to a stop. Stupid people might just wake up while they still have the power to vote. Circus owners consider voters a hassle.

This is not about ‘class’ it’s about fair. And simple math.

Our President is touring this country pointing out the neglect of decades past. In the states of both the Speaker of the House and the Senate Minority Leader he stood by a bridge between the two states that is falling apart. Brilliant.

The circus is going to have to fold their tents and devise a new strategy. They probably would too. If they weren’t so stupid.

Oh and Herman Cain? He is their Negro equivalent. They actually think Black folk would vote for him. My advice to Republicants who think one black man is the equivalent to another? At least come up with a black man who doesn’t look like Clarence Thomas and who is better at hiding his self hatred and disdain for his race.

The owners have a problem. This week Herman Cain is potentially their new ringmaster. Too bad they spent so much energy nurturing racism.

Rommney and Huntsman would fare better if the owners had not invested so heavily in religious intolerance.

Neither Sarah nor Michele can hide their batshit craziness. The theme song for Republicant debates ought to be ‘Send in The Clowns’.

Now run and tell that!

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5 Responses to “SistahSpeak…Send in The Clowns”
  1. robinswing says:

    Send in the clowns!

  2. dmitcha says:

    “The owners have a problem. This week Herman Cain is potentially their new ringmaster. Too bad they spent so much energy nurturing racism.

    Rommney and Huntsman would fare better if the owners had not invested so heavily in religious intolerance.”

    Let’s please add that Bachmann, and even Palin, might have fared better if the ringmasters had not doubled down on reframing women solely as reproducers…whose own reproductive rights they have no rights to control.

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