SistahSpeak…Brushing it off

The Black woman has not a few friends that are disgusted by the open and racist attitudes that can be found all over the news, and the internet. I have a somewhat different attitude . Today. My attitude changes from time to time.

Thing is I can hear my ancestors laughing inside me. Every time a racist head explodes, they crack up. Though they did not stay in bodies to see this day, they see it through my eyes and enjoy it through the ages. All the black folk I know saw it coming. I may be one of the only ones that finds it amusing. Most of the time.

See while they were oppressing black and brown people leaving us with very little, we were having babies. Black and brown babies. I have nine grandchildren who are of mixed race. They represent three families of white folk whose family tree has been changed. Forever. This is funny as hell as far as I’m concerned.

I can laugh at what appears on the screen of time and space. What I see is the complete soul-less nature of the racist. It is the price they pay for their hatred of black and brown folk. They have no soul.

I’m not talking about the ability to clap in rhythm and move like James Brown (though many lack this as well).

By soul I am speaking of a fundamental connection to life that enables one to see others even others that are different on the surface as being part of the same life force and equal in the respect of humanity.

Yep, the racist are out of the closet. Jim Crow is now James but his intentions are the same. Put black and brown folk in their place. I am wondering how any of us can be surprised. They have always been there. This is an attitude as old as this country. As American as the apple pie my ancestors baked for them.

Race has been the engine that drove this economy into the wealth this nation enjoyed for generations. I understand the reluctance to let go of that which came easily and quickly and at a price they were willing to pay. The price of de-humanizing an entire race of people. The price of kidnap,rape and murder. Something that ought to have chilled the soul, numbed it instead. De-faced it. Caused it to shrivel up and disappear. They didn’t even notice the moment of their soul-lessness. Still don’t. But they have always been there. Promoting. Promulgating. Assisting. And resisting what is good and right.

They were there reporting about Katrina. Showing photos of two sets of folk one black and one white. The white people were trying to survive. The black folk were looting. Yeah, right. Without Soul.

They were there and silent when white men took rifles to black folk on the bridges to prevent them from escaping a natural disaster. When Sheriffs shot unarmed black people in the back. When black folk were herded into a place with no food or water. They spoke of us as aliens. Soul less.
Now they have to deal with something they never expected to happen. A black man, a fine black man and his beautiful black family live in the White House. The White House ain’t so white anymore. Talk about working nerves…

They thought they had taken care of him during the primaries. They sure did try. Never in my memory has a Presidential candidate been held responsible for the words of his minister. In an old sermon at that. Never. They did every thing they could to eliminate him.

He was Southside Chicago cool. Still is. They don’t get it. They never will. All I can say is tough shit.

My man has been fulfilling his campaign promises one by one. You don’t hear so much about that. You will though. See what scares them is that he can talk. He just doesn’t spend all his time politicking. Not when it is time to govern. But he does know how.

He has managed to do quite well. With a Congress that is mostly useless and with no support from the right and very little support from the left.

We pulled out of Iraq. He got health care through. He saved this economy from an outright Depression. Folks don’t like to admit it, but he has been the best person to sit in the Oval office in a generation.

Every single time in the last few days that I hear someone whining and dog whistling and speaking in code, I crack up.

Ive learned from our President. I’ve learned to look past the bullshit and keep my eye on the prize.

I’ve learned that you can let fools say whatever they want to. Actions speak louder than words.

So the Ann what’s her name and the Sarah whozeit can kiss my beautiful, serene and laughing black ass.

I’m laughing at all of it. Cause the truth is, they will never get their America back. Not evah. Too late.Too bad. So sad. I’m glad.

See I didn’t much like their America. Neither did my ancestors. Which is why we are laughing our asses off right about now.And Brushing it off

Now run and tell that.

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7 Responses to “SistahSpeak…Brushing it off”
  1. princss6 says:

    It is to the point where I can’t even recall what I expected because what IS is staring me in the face. On a racial front, these times are high up there if not higher than when I was nine and integrating an all-white school and when I was in college in “Happy Valley.”

    It runs in my mind all the time, these white folks really are not going to get over themselves. It runs in my mind, the implications for my son, where I thought black stewardship of this country might lead to a better place for my son, I see that white folks can elect a black man but they refuse REFUSE to be governed by one.

    Yet, this is still a hope that what matters most isn’t the white world or their reaction but something deep inside my son. The Yes, I can, too, aspire to be whatever I want to be because of President Obama.

    Nothing like pulling the curtain back and seeing that white folks and their black aiders and abetters are still up to the same tricks. Thank goodness that those before us laid down a wonderful blueprint to avoid the pitfalls and the internet is a space open for many to offer their own counter narrative to the White Despondency when a Black President Isn’t Enuf.

  2. smartypants32 says:

    You always have a way of making me feel better when the going gets tough. Muchas Gracias!!!!

    And you inspired me to write about something that’s been rolling around in my head the last few days.

    Those grandchildren of yours are the future – no matter how batshit crazy that makes some white folks.

    • robinswing says:

      El gusto es mio. My grands are likely to make their parents crazy first,LOL

    • princss6 says:

      The future but yes, the past as well. I wish there was some solidarity more often with the black women who had no choice in raising bi-racial children. Who did so under the penalty of punishment and under rape even very recently.

      This isn’t new. Black women have been doing it since we got here.

      • robinswing says:

        Dearest Sistah
        The past cannot be changed only learned from. I learned a long time ago two things that are really the same thing. Karma is a bitch….and every dog has his day. To the haters all I can ask is “how you likin’ that sunrise Fido”

        Black women as far as I can tell are solid as a rock.

  3. dmitcha says:

    The beautiful shift… I like to say that the racist’s greatest fear is not that we are going to battle them but that we are going to look at them, say “oh, you’re still here?” and go back to eating a sandwich. The marginalization is what’s causing the panic.

    Excellent post, RS!

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