sistahspeakLast Sunday I wrote a diary challenging the actions of the great and mighty Kos. I called for a boycott of your site for one week. Many people voiced solidarity. Your voice was silent. Until Friday.And you yelled...uncle.

I challenged you and your decisions. I looked you right in the eye and did so. A bigger person might have behaved with dignity. You have shown you have none. Yeah, I said it. You have no dignity. You also have no where to hide from your own decisions. It can no longer be said that you were unaware of your actions. The curtain has been pulled and anyone who wants to can see the Wizard of Kos.

To be fair I didn’t post the lyrics to one of my favorite way back rap songs. You know…Don’t. Push. Me. Cause I’m. Close. To. The. Edge. That one. A smarter man woulda known.

A business is generally reflective of it’s owner. Your business The Daily Kos is where people have since at least 2007 when I first posted, mocked,ridiculed and minimized black people,their concerns and yes try to silence their voices. You proved that your site reflects who you are. Perfectly. You no longer get the benefit of the doubt.

I was staring into the face of racist before your tired ass was born. I am not scared of the likes of you. Therein lies the problem.

See,some so called Progressive White Folk( SCPWF) like the idea of their color-blind selves. They believe their own mythology about black people. As long as we are not as smart,educated, articulate and able to defend ourselves , we meet the criteria for Acceptable Black People (ABP). Those like our President who are smarter,better educated and more articulate have to be taken down a peg. Go ahead and admit it. Oh wait…you already did.

On your site as long as the black community does history lessons,they can be accepted. Don’t you dare call out the bullshit racism that is endemic in SCPWP. They, like you, turn nasty. Real fast. Ask me how I know.

I am one of those black folk who make SCPWP uncomfortable. I do not endeavor to make racism palatable to grown folk. Not since a very hot day in Cicero Illinois have I stood (mostly) silent in the face of racism. It ain’t that kind of party.

So I can say it now without any reservation. You try to shut down the voices of strong black people on your site. When you banned me on Friday this was indeed your truth. Shining through. If you don’t like it, I don’t care.

I looked you in the eye. You blinked. The Wizard of Kos. Ha!

And so I dedicate a song by Aretha Franklin to you mighty Kos.

And this

Now run and tell that!
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30 Responses to “SistahSpeak”
  1. princss6 says:

    I heard it! Amen! It’s okay, though, we know and so do others.

  2. robinswing says:

    It was a stupid and telling thing for him to do.

    • princss6 says:

      It makes no sense at all…I just laugh at his behavior…so you just hand out this arbitrary sanction and yet no one but you knows why. rolleyes, so over the childish games on “progressives” blogs. Time to gear up for re-election and some will be surprised to see how that all shakes out on the dkos…

      • robinswing says:

        Sure it does. Kos is an egomaniac who does not like to be challenged. He is also on of those SCPWP who does not like strong black voices. Period. Either that or his pocketbook was affected which I doubt.

  3. dmitcha says:

    Wait, what happened on Friday? What was the reason presented for a ban? What is happening?!

    I’m so glad to see you posting a POV, Robinswing, This is a home to be built with rules we understand and still are helping to write. Your voice has been so critical; your knowledge and fortitude so motivating to so many. No one silences us. All they can do is close their ears and sing “la la la” and hope we go away.

    See how well that worked?

    Silence is wasted and wrong in the face of “the” crazy/privileged/entitled/racist/sexist/homophobic… And it doesn’t help or protect the people of color coming up behind us.

    Speak, Sistah!

  4. robinswing says:

    Got myself banned and no I got an email from someone saying they heard it rumored and I broke the ban to check and sure enough bony mojo. Oh happy day! The pretense that the disproportionate banning/punishing was unintentional is over. Kos was stupid.

  5. princss6 says:

    Soooo Happy to see SistahSpeak here!

  6. robinswing says:

    I’m trying to learn how to embed video on this site. So far I keep missing the mark. Let me try this.

  7. dmitcha says:

    RS, in the edit screen, next to upload/insert, next to the upload image icon is the upoad video icon. That has the shortcode for youtube, which I think is just . I will update the How To page!

  8. smartypants32 says:

    Hey – I just found this place and am THRILLED!!! I know its going to rock because of the people involved. Its so good to see folks finding their places/spaces. We don’t need no stinkin’ Kos!!!!!!

  9. robinswing says:

    We will get there supporting you and your vision.

  10. ebogan63 says:

    I am so thrilled to see some of my fave posters on DK when I used to lurk there have their own blog! Especially, we will get the uncut SistahSpeak from here on out!

  11. sagenotsweet says:

    OK, now I know how to log in. I think that I also created a blog or something. lol

    They don’t like my version of Firefox. I’ll see if that affects anything.

  12. sagenotsweet says:

    Oh, my manners… great job, folks!

    This looks like it will be an interesting site to read even if I don’t comment
    much here.

    Now, I just have to try to get my avatar working.

    (formerly blindyone)

  13. dmitcha says:

    Okay, wow – welcome and thanks for stopping by to so many wonderful and familiar names!

    Pls check the How To page for tips on getting started, and add comments for any detail you’d like to see there. Much ahead for all of us!

  14. Deann Gee says:

    Dear robinswing

    Amen. I loved your writing at DK and missed you so much when you took leave. Remember Maxwells’ “this woman’s work”? That song epitomizes you and the lovey Amazinggrace1. We are sistas who have been through a lot and seen just about everything. Still, we press on. I have pretty much stopped commenting on blogs…the venom in the atmosphere is too toxic and I am burnt out from dealing with “nice white progressives” . There is too much group think and pressure to conform on progressive blogs.

    May YAH continue to bless you, strengthen you and keep you in perfect peace.

    Rock on, sis.

    • princss6 says:

      Welcome, Deann Gee! Thank you for stopping by!

    • robinswing says:

      So glad you joined us here Deann Gee. This is a good place to be. I am working on a new diary that should be ready to post this afternoon. That other place in no longer a concern of mine.! I’ve said all I will say about it and am moving on. We have things to do and learn from each other . Blessings to,for and around you.

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