Short and Not Sweet… REALLY, HEIDI JONES?

In a truly unacceptable shedding of light, former WABC New York meteorologist Heidi Jones has joined the ranks of Susan Smith, Bonnie Sweeten, Charles Stuart and centuries of homicidally racist false accusers.  In order, according to Jones, to get “attention,” she falsely concocted a tale of an attempted rape by a man of color.


Like “Runaway Bride” Jennifer Wilbanks, Jones got all “millennial” with her charges and casually fabricated a Latino assailant rather than the historical sexually crazed Black male archetype that has gotten so many men of color murdered, maimed and, to the present day, dangerously marginalized by a society that has invented a fiction to oppress us then held their own targets accountable for those entirely invented “truths.”

I understand and acknowledge entitlement.  But I can’t accept it.  I can’t accept or condone the casual action of a woman at tonight’s event who wiped her nose then tucked her tissue under my plate as I stood at a round and ate and chatted with colleagues.  I calmly corrected her behavior.  Getting onto a metro a few weeks back – and struggling with two boxes and two bags – I corrected the choice of a young man who pushed in front of me to get through the turnstile first.  I was rewarded with a middle finger.  He was corrected again on the platform with a clear explanation of how he should respond when next in such a situation.  Walking my dog through an off-leash park, I was yelled at by a 20something girl, who was working a race, to “move the dog” and “GET OUT OF THIS PARK NOW!”  I, again, quickly and firmly corrected her behavior.

I register that despite my height and appearance, I am invisible to some people.  They move through the world with the expectation that others on the sidewalk will step to the side so they don’t have to walk around them.  They bike through lights and curse at the legally crossing pedestrians who dare expect them to slow down and accommodate others.  They bankrupt cities, give lucrative public contracts to substandard firms owned by friends and family, and wipe out both community-serving savings and loan institutions and the entire mortgage industry with their casual belief that the world exists to personally benefit their present whims.  They are Supernanny candidates on psychological steroids.  And in that, they are frustrating and exhausting because in 2011, casual tolerance of privilege and entitlement cannot continue.  Our world has changed too greatly, and as ever, it is our job to help define our presence, as people of color, within it.  So the constant onslaught of “me, my, mine!” is unerringly and patiently (at times) met with correction.  And, later, with texts of “smh.”

But this…  The sense of entitlement it takes to subject an entire city, an entire race of people to angry scrutiny…to swarming police raids…to random and often violent stops and arrests…to false imprisonment…to lynching…to murder or capital punishment…  So you can have “attention”?


Woman Who Blamed Black Woman For Acid Attack Admits It Was A Hoax

Really, Bethany Storro?

Todd: The attacker fondled me, too; Update: Todd confesses to making up story

Really, Ashley “The 6’4″ Black Man Carved a Backwards B into My Face” Todd?

The distressing conclusion to this, the latest in our frightening history of false accusations, is that Jones pleaded guilty today  to “misdemeanor false-reporting charges.”

Her plea deal calls for three years’ probation, continuing psychiatric counseling and 350 hours of community service (the amount of time police spent looking into her phony claims).

I wonder what kind of sentence a convenient Latino suspect in an inconvenient place would have faced if police hadn’t smelled the fraudulence and re-interviewed the accuser this time around.

6 Responses to “Short and Not Sweet… REALLY, HEIDI JONES?”
  1. princss6 says:

    Great post! I think I’ve read something about being innocent until proven guilty…I guess, not while Living while of color in America!

    • dmitcha says:

      I couldn’t even finish reading the first article tonight when I read about the guilty plea (this craziness goes back to earlier this year). I kept looking for an article that showed disgust, I guess, or ended with something other than the wire service’s quote from her attorneys saying “She’s already paid a very high price for the crimes she pled guilty to today.” I wonder if any of the suspects the police first stopped/questioned/brought in when they immediately began investigating this could or will sue her for the high price they paid – and the higher one they might have paid.

      I also would like to know the name of the investigator who didn’t fall for this one. Praise is due.

  2. princss6 says:

    True…praise for the investigator. I love how psychological treatment is demanded. Now you know if you are not the right persuasion, psychological treatment would have been replaced with a prison sentence.

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