Why react to a proposed Pres. Obama primary when we can simply make the proposers…secondary?

The sturm and the drang are truly at a new level now.  Even inside the progressive community, all pretense of discussing policy has been lost in the rush to emasculate President Barack Obama.  From references to his “balls” to his “manhood” to his “caving” and more, a veritable D. W. Griffith version of his presidency is unfolding on left-leaning blogs with less analysis of policy or facts than some right-wing blogs that are paid to bash him.


There is not enough time or energy to engage in attempts to reason with those who don’t know or acknowledge their own history (much less the nation’s) enough to understand they are being dog-whistled or dog whistlers.  Instead, our focus has to be the next 13 months.

THIRTEEN MONTHS.  That is all that stands between an expanding new vision for our country and a dark return to our past.

What would it mean to people of color to have Republicans return to the White House?  To women?  To the LGBT community, the differently abled, the un- or undereducated?  The jobless?  The poor?

So, straight up and straightforward – what are you doing, what have you done and what do you plan to do to re-elect the president?  Details, links and love requested below!

2 Responses to “Why react to a proposed Pres. Obama primary when we can simply make the proposers…secondary?”
  1. princss6 says:

    True! I’m getting into campaign mode. I, of course donate. I’ve canvassed and will make phone calls. I’ll spend an hour each night on the phone and canvass on the weekends. Just read yesterday that Repubs in my state want to change the electoral college process so it is no longer winner take all. Wrote my electeds about the National Popular vote initiative already passed by several states.

    • dmitcha says:

      My sights are always set on schools, hospitals and the elderly, making sure that people who either don’t or can’t traditionally cast ballots get repped. Every new announcement about the vote-blocking campaign – coupled with Republican wins in New York – reminds me that this isn’t just about getting out the vote, it’s about getting the votes legally counted.

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